Transforming "Reactive Sick Care" into "Predictive Health Care"

Through Innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Biosensing and Connectivity

What do we do?

For governments and organizations worldwide, AI4LYF offers powerful tools for the pandemic and epidemic management.

For care providers, our products enable reduced workload per patient, on-demand clinical decision assistance, lower burn rate, better clinical outcomes, and the ability to provide better, proactive, and preventive care.

For individuals, our products deliver highly personalized live biomarkers-based dynamic coaching for holistic health through diet, sleep, lifestyle, and fitness management, all through a watch and a single companion app.

For clinical researchers, our integrated wearable/ambient biosensing and analytics platform offers groundbreaking new tools to accelerate, decentralize, diversify, and digitize clinical trials and medical research while reducing costs simultaneously.

For medical device manufacturers, AI4LYF is the first company in the world to offer a 5G digital twin platform for wireless testing of the medical devices needing 5G connectivity.

Our Products


Our Expertise

Epidemic and Pandemic Management

Through its remote patient monitoring tools and bespoke data collection tools like LYF Suite, AI4LYF can provide services of the epidemic and pandemic management for the government agencies.

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Holistic Health Management

This service is offered by AI4LYF through our LYF Watch and companion LYF app with a nominal monthly subscription.While there is no shortage of fitness and diet apps, unfortunately, most of these apps are just calory and step counters or biomarker visualizers. Human health, on the hand, is determined by a myriad of complex factors, most of which are not captured at all by such apps and watches or wristbands. The determinants of human health can be divided into five broad categories Macro and Micro Nutrition (not just calories), lifestyle, environment, genetics, and quality of medical care (in case of disease or injury). LYF suite is the first product that leverages AI to distill millions of data points in all five categories of health determinants to offer predictive, preventive, personalized, and holistic health management services for everyone who cares about their health. See LYF SUITE for details.

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Our LYF Suite offers an end-to-end solution for comprehensive RPM, hospital-in-the-home, and senior home care. Compared to existing RPM solutions, the LYF Care platform does not just throw the deluge of raw biomarker data on the patients, caregivers, and medical practitioners, causing information overload and alarm fatigue. Instead, it uses power multi-dimensional analysis combined with an AI-based clinical decision assistance system to provide actionable insights for all the stakeholders. For medical professionals, the LYF Suite enables a reduction in per-patient workload and overall burn rate, whereas on-demand clinical decision assistance improves the quality of care and clinical outcomes. For the patients, it reduces the frequency of visits to clinics while transforming episodic reactive care into continuous proactive and preventive care. See LYF SUITE for details.

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Digitized, Accelerated, Cost-Effective Clinical Trials

Leveraging the LYF Suite platform, we offer services that can reduce the costs and time of clinical trials by capturing patient data through decentralized and virtual clinical studies. The platform allows remote recruitment with continuous rather than episodic patient monitoring. Other tools in LYF Suite that reduce site burden and increase participation and satisfaction of clinicians involved in the study are patient-centric-biomarkers as surrogate endpoints, validated questionnaires, and alerts to detect anomalies in vitals needing intervention. Contact us for details.

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Wireless Medical Device Testing and Evaluation

Through our first-in-the-world DTP testing platform, AI4LYF is the first company to offer comprehensive medical device testing for 5G and other similar wireless networks. This service can substantially reduce the cost and time to market for a medical device that needs wireless connectivity for its functioning. Contact us for details.

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Bespoke Data Collection Campaigns

Using our LYF Suite platform and access to large subscribers with the willingness to participate in research studies, AI4LYF can design and manage biomedical data collection campaigns to meet the specific needs of your study. Contact us for details.

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Partner With Us

Who should partner with us?

As an individual, you, your loved ones, and anyone around you can join us in taking care of personal health by wearing the LYF Watch and using the LYF APP, which provides a comprehensive health management solution.

As a healthcare provider, you can improve your clinical outcomes and quality of care and decrease the burden of the medical diagnosis team by leveraging only actionable insights from our LYF Suite-based RPM and clinical decision assistant platform.

As a pharmaceutical entity, you can leverage our LYF Suite for site-free, diverse, and cost-effective recruitment and management of study participants. It provides tools for remote, continuous monitoring of participants eliminating most travel requirements to a clinical site. Thus, it can help you accelerate, decentralize, diversify, and digitize clinical trials, thereby substantially reducing the cost and time to market for new therapies and devices.

As a government agency, you can take advantage of our LYF Suite for comprehensive healthcare management at national level and can also use it for the management of epidemics and pandemics.

It does not matter if it is a small business or a conglomerate; as an employer, if you care for your employees’ health, our LYF Watch and LYF APP can help you offer that care.

As an insurance company, you can bring down insurance claims and premiums while increasing your customer satisfaction by helping them improve their holistic health through use of our LYF Watch and LYF APP .

As a researcher in the healthcare industry, you can license our LYF Suite that can be customized to meet your specific data collection needs. We also offer end-to-end data collection services, where we can design, manage and complete data collection campaign from target segments of the populations to meet your research needs.

Let’s work together because:

Countless studies confirm that the top killer diseases, as reported by WHO in this chart, can be prevented or better managed through continuous instead of episodic health monitoring, early diagnosis, preventive care and holistic health management. AI4LYF’s products are precisely designed to achieve that goal. Let’s save lives together, starting from you and inspiring others around!

Why partner with us?

Because we are working on a mission worth pursuing together!

There is no shortage of AI-based healthcare companies.

AI4LYF’s approach is very different. AI4LYF is not focused on exploiting the brute force of AI to further monetize already expensive healthcare through unnecessary gadget selling.

Instead, the raison d’etre of AI4LYF is to deliver what humanity direly needs, and status quo health systems around the world are struggling to deliver, i.e., affordable preventive and predictive health care, and not just expensive “sick care”.

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